What if you could Remember the Future?

One of things you must know about me if we are to continue a relationship in the digital world is that I LOVE Jane McGonigal. She is a visionary and calls herself a Futurist. She is a ‘game-changer’ as it relates to how games/gaming can save the world. I was not paid by her to say these things about her, but I seriously believe she and folks like her have their fingers on the pulse of change. And if we all listen closely, we can hear the future beating its strong heart (that’s right, don’t listen to the naysayers and negative Nellies). We know what the future will hold…we can see it . In the (fresh) video she provides an activity in which you can Predict the Past, and Remember the future. Watch this clip to see what I mean.

I consider her to be a model for how to do the business of educating young minds.


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